embedding our live video or full event on our website

Hi there,
Currently we are using livestream and we paying 49 a month which is not too bad. The problem we are facing is that we need to embedding our live video or full event on our website. livestream has the option for more money to do this but is out of our range. My question im guessing is, can you recommend another tool that does the same but allows us to embed our video on our website?

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How to embed a stream or video on your site
Live Streaming Showdown: Ustream, Justin.tv, Livestream, Bambuser
Does it have to be live?
There is youtube COHFL and it's free,
upload your video to your channel, you can make it private there but share the video by embedding the video url in your web page.
take a look it is explained fully ,
How To Add a YouTube Video to Your Web Site
There is also Wimpy Rave  player, this a small embedded player  not free
Automatically list and play an entire folder full of media files directly on your web page.
there's probably more other experts could list, but till then here's a couple of ideas.

Regards Merete

As Merete was saying, if you were to store the video on your own web server and play it in one of your pages you would normally need to use a "player", just as YouTube plays the various formats of uploaded videos in its own "frame".  Most of these are based on Flash and require the end user to have Adobe Flash Player browser plugin installed.  Google Chrome has its own Flash Player, so that should be able to play your video.

One main issue you may have is that some mobile operating systems do not have support for Adobe Flash Player, and I believe the Android version of Google Chrome browser does not include their own embedded Flash Player.  Given that a significant percentage of browsing these days is from "mobile" devices, this can be a problem because you can't expect everyone to go looking for a 3rd-party plugin to render a Flash Player that your web page wants to load in their browser.

The latest version of HTML and CSS have tried to address this problem, and HTML5 has a bunch of new tags that should allow MP4 video formats (eg. H.264 video with AAC or MP3 audio streams) to be played directly within a web page on fairly recent browsers that support HTML5.
Ideally you also need a "fallback" for other browsers and operating systems.  Two good articles:

Like everything in computing, when something new comes along it is never guaranteed to work without bugs and glitches on every OS and browser.

Flash rendering of multimedia allowed a lot of independent (free, retail, and Open Source) applications to proliferate that made it easy to create code and their own "player" to insert into your web pages and upload to your site, with hardly any coding knowledge.  Example:
So too has HTML5 and the gaps left by lack of support and bugs, and you now have applications like this:

YouTube is now offering an opt-in to play content using only HTML5 native support rather than Adobe Flash Player, at least that's what it looks like.

For a while now there have been a variety of canned JavaScript modules around that allow you to create image slideshows, galleries, etc using CSS layout, and I see what now looks to be the equivalent to this for styling HTML5 video layout using CSS.

Then we will have those people who don't have JavaScript enabled, ............ and the story goes on.

Until everything out there supports HTML5 and CSS3 (by which time we will probably be on HTML15, CSS9, Windows 14, and so on ;-) I think the best you can do is code the pages for HTML5 video playback, but with a fallback to Flash Player.  Here is an example, amongst the many articles that now exist:

Hi Bill,
Rave can play the following media files:
MP4<< these two formats are very popular
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Hi Merete.  Yes, they have a really good range of products.

The Rave Player uses a Flash player, so it supports by far the widest range of video types.
"Rave uses "standard issue" technology: HTML, JavaScript and Flash"

I do see they have another program named "Pickle", which I didn't know about, and is advertised thus:

"HTML5 player.  Looking for an HTML 5 audio or video player? Check out Pickle Player."
Key Features
- audio player Simple, easy code -- 3 lines... really!
- api Automatic media fallback <------------------------------ *** very useful ***
- audio player Flexible Javascript API
- html5 playlist Not dependant on libraries ( MooTools, jQuery, etc)
- html5 playlist Pure CSS skins

That gives quite a wealth of available resources for COHFL to have a look through and decide.
COHFLAuthor Commented:
Ok those are good points but my event is live and i need it to show it as it is happening. I understand once is done i can posted using the tools you have suggested me.
Ustream is like $99 dollars a month to show an event live and embed on your web page
COHFL, I hear what you're saying but these days the internet is all about making money as the domains are not free access to the www has been abused with the terms of use and copyrights.

Wowza is the next best thing.
Livestream LLC
What are you streaming live?
As all you need really is a camera and encoder to your computer server then stream it.
BUT!! is it a televised event or live football game motor cycling race all of these have terms of use.
But when you send this to a web page public domain then it changes.
If it were on a local network that's different.
Windows Media Encoder
Expression Encoder the upgrade of WMEncoder
Expression Encoder can export videos to H.264 or VC-1 formats. It can prepare video streams for distribution via Microsoft Silverlight; it supports Silverlight player controls and Silverlight templates.
Microsoft Expression Learning Resources
Stream Hoster
How to Stream Video Free Online

List of streaming media systems

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Sorry COHFL, I didn't read your question as carefully as I should have.
COHFLAuthor Commented:
hi Merete,
We are streaming a public event that does not violate any rules or any terms of use is totally home create it and is for the people.
We have three cameras a switcher and the switcher already encodes the video file to H.264 so we are good there. we are currently using Livestream which does the job but the embedding part is the one we are having problems. Because the cost is much higher. we are paying about $49.00 dollars which is fine but we lack embedding so we looking for something that add that in there for about the same price.
Hi, good to know, thanks for that, this a bit outside my expertise area, but I learn as we go and if I can help a little.
With refs to>we lack embedding!!
As in how to broadcast it on your webpage?
You have the delivery ok but not the embedding?
You need a player?
if you take a look and let me know where you're up to.
This really covers your  delivery steps
Here you will learn all you need to get started broadcasting to the Livestream Platform.

the broadcasting method is the same principal as the youtube link I gave you earlier, according Livestream they give you a Vod Player and they state>
At this time, the ability to embed live video broadcasts on the New Livestream is only available to Premium and Enterprise users.

How to embed a stream or video on your site

There is many methods such as through your router with VLC
check it out
 you might find this interesting.
How to broadcast live video on youtube
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