cisco 5500 wireless controller access

Hi all

I just picked up a client who is running a cisco 5500 wireless controller in their home.  It looks like it is not handing out the correct dns info to the minions attched to it.  but to see what it is doing i need to log into it.

I tried the default administrative username and password which is admin and admin,  but the previous person changed it and cant be gotten a hold of.

I need to know

a) is it easy to reset to factory default
b) if it is set to factory defaults is it easy to set up ?  I have never played with this before.

thanks for your help in advance
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epichero22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the configuration guide for the device, and at the very bottom it discusses how to restore the "Controller to Default Settings":

It's not very difficult to set up if you have a basic understanding of network theory.  It comes with a Configuration Wizard that will walk you through it.

If you run into any problems, just reply and we'll help you.
c45Author Commented:
actually good news !  found the file with the user and password for level 15 access

and better news is that i also have access to the backup config files.

The client has a 520 UC and the 5500 Controller.

so I will probably need some help with the command line commands once i telnet into the 520 to restore the phone files.
Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A 5500 WLC at home??? Wow!!!

It's got a GUI so you don't really need to use the CLI apart from to enter some low-level commands which aren't available in the GUI (or to do debugging).

c45Author Commented:
house is 9700 Sqr Feet :).. Its a big one..   Got the config file, just have to research the commands from a telenet session on the 520 UC to wipe to default and upload the txt file
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