Cisco Router 887VA - Config Assistance

Hi Experts,

I have finally taken the plunge to do my first full Cisco config and install
The modem/Router Cisco 887VA.

Things I have completed

 - Change the hostname
 - Enable secret username & passwords
 - it had the CP express loaded into the config... I managed to work out how to get that going and also establish a connection and make some minor alterations such as DNS.
 - Set ip address to Vlan1 since Fastethernet doesnt work on L2

But now I cant seem to get a connection via network cable!!! it just keeps prompting to plug a network cable in.

What I did to stuff it up -

 - While logged into (CP) via network cable to my laptop I attempted to change the ip to 192.x.x.x range from the default

Since doing this I can only gain access via console cable.

I would really appreciate some advice on

 - (A) how to get back in to the CP


 - (B) advice or pointing in the right direction on how to complete via the CLI

Should I just follow this documentation

or is there a better alternative?

thanks in advance.
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it_fanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry I ended up calling Cisco su[pport and convinced them to assist....

The network cable ended up being plugged into a different physical port I didnt know they were port specific!!! lesson learnt thanks for attempting to assist sorry was not logged in for sometime!!!
Did you change your laptop ip to be on the same 192.x.x.x network you setup on the router?
it_fanAuthor Commented:
Yes  I did, one thing I noticed when it was in the range it had to be in dynamic mode to be able to get into the CP if I set a static IP it didn't connect rather strange
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There is probably an access-list that limits which IP addresses can remotely managed the router. Please post a sanitized config stripping out anything following 'password 7'.
it_fanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kevinhsieh - not sure about password 7 (as still a little cisco green)but if I run a config I will see what I get and attach.
it_fanAuthor Commented:
thanks SouthMod
Any statement of type password 7 may look encrypted, but it is easily decrypted. Passphrases of type secret 5 are reasonably secure and safe to post.
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