Faster way of uploading to the Cloud

Hi all.

We are a small MSP helping companies migrate data to the cloud, from vendors of all types. Our business is starting to pick up, but we are stuck on a fundamental issue. Some companies have a few GB of data, while others run close to 1TB.

These companies have commercial SMB internet connections such as DSL, T1's, and a few even have fiber (10mbps).

Uploading to the cloud (AWS, Dropbox, etc) is taking TOO long. Days. Weeks. This is not feasible. Shipping physical copies of the data is not an option because the cloud vendors we work with don't allow it.

Any clever ways to get this done? Prepaid mobile broadband cards are capped at 3-5gb of transfers, and then the prices get too high. And signing up SMBs with fiber is too pricey also.

Any ideas? Is there no other way to do this in a reasonable way?
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Hi, the Riverbed Whitewater appliance accelerates uploads to some cloud partners using de-duplication technology. It's an enterprise product but you might be able to fit it in with your offerings. At least you could get a free trial to get a sense of the performance boost your clients might expect. Interesting I just note that one of Whitewater's cloud partners Nirvanix has just been forced to close down. It's a very competitive market with the big guys constantly making life difficult for small guys and start ups. You might want to make sure your clients have a good exit strategy if their cloud service provider goes belly up...
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You pretty much can't beat the transfer speed of your connection.  Here is a calculator for the time to transfer a file at different speeds.  A 1TB file on a T3 will take 53 hours (over two days).  When the 1TB is multiple files, it takes longer for the file overhead.
use a backup image software
and upload the incremental data only to the cloud
it would safe space bandwidth and would be much much faster
Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
You mentioned working with AWS. They do have an easy way to upload from physical devices, look here 

You can also use AWS as a loading point for all other cloud services.
Use the AWS Import feature to get loads of data into an EC2 server, and then upload from EC2 to whichever other cloud service you work with. You will be paying per usage, but no CAPEX, and the uploads will be FAST.

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SpejAuthor Commented:
Excellent idea, we can utilize AWS as the intermediary for large file uploads, awesome!
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