Is it possible to create another DHCP scope using the same segment for testing of a few client machines?

In my environment, we already have a DHCP scope defined for all our client PCs. Currently, our primary DHCP scope leases IPs and DNS to our client systems. We will change the DNS IPs under scope options to have Client systems point to new DNS IPs for DNS servers. I know if I make the change, and have client log off/on or reboot there PCs, that the DNS changes I make will apply to client systems, and when they do ipconfig /all, they will see the new DNS servers appear.

However, I need to come up with a test/deployment documentation. In this documentation, I need to show that I tested this situation, and that it works, before applying changes to our scope on Production systems. I want to create another DHCP scope and test with 3 workstations. I wanted to know if it is possible to create a test DHCP scope using the same segment (e.g. -, which is currently the one we have now? If so, how can i accomplish a test scope and have 3 test workstations pointed to this test scope?
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Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
You can create multiple dhcp scopes on a dhcp server but not for the same segment and if you want to do this a relay agent in Windows DHCP would need to be setup, as well as configure VLANs in the switch. I believe you don't want to do this for this testing purpose.

If you have VMware or Hyper-V in your environment, just set up a dev environment and configure a new AD, DNS DHCP with different IP and do not allow this to have connectivity to your Production network, you can easily do this.


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If you just want to test the changed DNS-setting on a Clint, you could set DHCP-asigned IP , but fixed (=new) DNS on the test-clients.

Alternative with 2 DHCP-servers
a) on existing server exclude fx range
b) on new DHCP-server only use a narrow scope like192.168.1.2- and make reservations for your test-pc's , here you set the new DNS-settings to be tested

I would go for the first option
jaedenoneAuthor Commented:

Can you provide documentation or step-by-step instructions on the first step? I'm trying to find the easiest route/method for testing.
"Use the following DNS server addresses" in 6)
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