Exchange 201 HA

I have an Exchange 2010 server where all roles are configured in this single server.

How can I setup Hiht Availability to this.  I have got additoinal win 2012 server with me. Currently Exchange 2010 is installed on win 2008 server.
kurajeshSenior Systems AnalystAsked:
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Vijaya Babu SekarConnect With a Mentor Associate Ops ManagerCommented:
High availability features for Mailbox

DAG: how to implement, you can refer the below article

High availability features for CAS

NLB or HNLB: How to implement Windows NLB with CAS Array, You can refer the below link

You may refer part 3 and part 4

High availability features for HUB

You can install 2 hub server and configure send and receive connector

Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
How about some real answers, rather than just a pile of links.
To do HA with Exchange 2010 you will need two servers that are identical. Same OS, some versions of Exchange. You will also need two licences of Exchange 2010 and either two Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise licences or two Windows 2012 standard licences (or higher).

You cannot mix the OS versions.

For complete HA you would also need a load balancer and deploy an RPC CAS Array.

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