Problems with pop connector 2008 and mail.que too big..

On Exchange, I have set all maximum receiving size connectors to 80MB, every hub transport to 80MB, everything to 80MB as a maximum size..

My problem is when some user receives a message with one attachment larger than 16MB.
The pop connector downloads the message, puts it on the queue, and then fails to erase the message from the server, the message goes through and the user receives the message,  but the on the queue you can see that the message is not deleted and get stuck (even dough the user does receives the message),  then the pop connector downloads the message again and leaves it on the queue and so on, so then the transport role got stuck and now I can’t received nor send any messages because the transport role is stuck.

So every time the pop connector checks for new message, the queue gets bigger and bigger, and no messages are being delivered, the file mail.que get´s so big that I have to stop all services, deleted the files (loose all messages that where stuck on the queue) and then start the services all over again..
What is the cause of this?, How can I fix so the transport role wont get stuck with attachments bigger than 16MB???

Best regards,
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
I would start by logging onto your POP server and deleting the message that is causing the problem.

Can you change the POP email to be delivered by an MX feed? - The POP connector is more of a stop cap now I think.

The below maybe worth a read:
marpanetAuthor Commented:
I think I found the solution.....
My problem was that the pop connector was set to retrieve mail every two minutes, and the ConnectionInactivityTimeout was set to 1 minute.... so I think the pop connector downloaded the large message, then put it on the transport queue, but before the message was downloaded completely and send it to the user, the pop connector download it again, and the process took more than one minute so the connectiong was drop, the pop connector did not send the delete command, and the pop connector started to download the message again….

I raise the timeout to 9 minutes and set the popconnector to retrieve mail every 4 minutes.

Could this be my problem?
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Yes that could be the problem.  If the Message is very large it may not finish downloading the message.  Best thing to do would be to monitor it for a couple of days.

Good catch.

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marpanetAuthor Commented:
That was the reason...
I incremented the connection timeout to 9:00 minutes... giving enough time to download the message and then it will be deleted from pop mailbox..

Best regards,
I didn´t get my a.. fired!! hehehe :D
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