Cleanup winsxs folder on windows server 2008 R2

I am having a fairly common issue in that the size of the winsxs folder keeps on growing. This folder is now 18gb in size and is impacting on the total server size, taking up a;; free space.

So looking on line I have found that there is a startcomponentcleanup task that should resolve this however I cannot find this in windows server 2008 R2.
What can I do to reduce the winsxs folder size? this is now getting critical.
Simon CrippsOwnerAsked:
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Simon CrippsConnect With a Mentor OwnerAuthor Commented:
How ridiculous, so the folder grows and grows till it takes up too much space on the server.

I have found a short term solution by running DISM /online /cleanup-Image /SpSupeseded
The has freed up about 6GB, but still leaving 10GB which I assume will fill up before long and we'll be back to square one.

Thanks for your input.
wshtyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

As far as I know, you cannot.
your provided link says it's for win8 /server2012 which indicates that there has been introduced a new feature for reducing the WinSXS folder.
IF this feature can be transferred to Win2008R2 I do not know - before Win8/2012 my knowledge regarding WinSXS was this:
 WinSXS is a problem you have to consider when installing the server the first time and live with it or expand the C-drive if possible. No other options known to me.

Simon CrippsOwnerAuthor Commented:
only a part solution till MS can fix it
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