Possible to remove duplicates from a selectlist populated by json?

I have a selectlist that is populated by json. The issue I'm having is I get duplicates in my selectlist and I'm hoping I can remove them as the selectlist loads.

I have a fiddle to show you what I mean:
See Fiddle

The actual vehicles aren't really 'duplicates' but since I'm only showing a select amount of the supplied data (name and basic style) they appear duplicate in the select.

I came across juery.unique() but not sure if that would work... or how to apply it in this instance. Any help would be appreciated.

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There are not actually any duplicates in your example.  

For example:
<option value="200420764">ATS Luxury 4dr Sedan</option>
<option value="200420763">ATS Luxury 4dr Sedan</option>
<option value="200420762">ATS Luxury 4dr Sedan</option>

While the text is the same, the value is different.

Notice this in your JSON:

                "id": 200420764,
                "name": "Luxury 4dr Sedan (3.6L 6cyl 6A)",

                "id": 200421837,
                "name": "Luxury 4dr Sedan (3.6L 6cyl 6A)",
Because the ID is the key and it is unique, using something like juery.unique() would not help.
You could use contains() like this:
if (!$('#newmodel option:contains("'+ String(data.models[i].name +" " + data.models[i].years[j].styles[k].name).replace(/ \([^)]*\)/, '') +'")').html()) $("#newmodel").append(option);

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Here is an example:

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tjyoungAuthor Commented:
Thats fabulous. Never would have figured that out. Many thanks!
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