managing macs in Active Directory Domain

what is the best way to manage macs in an active directory domain?
we have around 12
we have issues such as when user changes ad password they keep getting  locked out because of key chain passwords saved etc
we also cant push out group policy
cant remote access
use central storage etc
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jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As you probably already know, if you bind the Macs to AD you should be able to have the user change their passwords at the appropriate time. The keychain thing is an issue, but the first time they access a resource they should be able to put in the new password and opt to save it in the keychain again.

You're right, you can't push out GPO's because GPO's typically write to the registry and Macs, thankfully, don't have a registry.

You should be able to remotely access your Macs.  In System Preferences, under sharing you can set remote login and screen and file sharing and enter in a password that VNC users can use to remotely access the Mac. You can also use Logmein to access a Mac. There's a logmein plugin for the Mac that works pretty well.

By central storage, if you are talking about accessing a share on a server, then, yes, the Mac can do that.  You can manually access a share in Finder by clicking on the GO menu item and selecting to connect to a server. From there enter smb://servername/sharename. The only thing that differs from Windows is that you can't make it permanent. There is a way around that by placing the call to the share in the Login Items in the System Preferences - Users and groups (Or accounts depending on the OS X you are using). This will mount the share when the user logs in.

If you have Mountain Lion, you could try the following update which has a fix for an issue that could cause Active Directory accounts to be locked out after accessing the Security & Privacy pane in System Preferences
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