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Is it possible to create a Watermark that shows in the lower right hand corner of a one page Word 2010 document rather than in the middle of the page?

I have a table where I need to have words like "Fill in details here" as a watermark with other text on top..

Bright ideas very much appreciated.
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Paul SauvéConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
If you create an image equal to your page size you can insert it as a Watermark.

Use an image editor to create the image. Place the text exactly where you want it on the image "page".

I would save in a format that supports transparency (.tif, .png, .gif).

If you want it on only one page, then you have to create a separate section for that page in you Word document (new section before and after). THEN insert this watermark on the page.
Hi have you considered using content controls to create a form for collecting the data? This is quite close to what you want, the box would initially have "Fill in details here" which would be replaced with the text entered by the user. There are plenty of guides on the web, here is a good starter for you:
How to create an electronic form using Word 2010 content controls

Also, the data can be collected for use in an Access database, so it makes the data collection process more flexible.

NormanMitchellAuthor Commented:
Sorry the form is mainly used as hard copy - online input is less than 5% of useage
Eric FletcherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create it as a page header (or footer) instead of a watermark. While in the page header view, insert a text box. Type in what you want and format it the way you want it. Then, select the text box and right-click it to choose Wrap Text > Behind text. This will allow it to display behind the text on your page like a watermark.

BTW, if you want to make it possible to toggle on and off, type your text in one of the Document Properties (File > Info). For example, say you typed "Fill in this part" as the Comments property. Then, in the text box within your header, insert the comments field code (Insert > Quick Parts > Field... and choose Comments). It will display whatever you entered as a property. When you no longer need it, just delete any text in the document's Comment Property; the text box will become empty and the "watermark" will disappear.
NormanMitchellAuthor Commented:
Many thanks. I also found a way to simulate a watermark using "SnagIt"! Looks like an area that Microsoft could tackle.
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