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DUMP DEVICE Error in Errpt

I am getting this error on few AIX systems, Does this mean that my Operating System is acting flaky and not have enough dump space, Can someone please explain why this is happening and what precautions i should take.

Info: -------------------------------

Date/Time:       Tue Sep 24 15:00:00 CDT 2013
Sequence Number: 7175
Machine Id:      00C01F474C00
Node Id:         CIS06SAP01B
Class:           O
Type:            PEND
WPAR:            Global

The largest dump device is too small.

Probable Causes
Neither dump device is large enough to accommodate a system dump at this time.

   Recommended Actions
   Increase the size of one or both dump devices.

Severity: WARNING

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1 Solution

this message means what it says: The dump device is too small.

The message doesn't appear due to an actual dump failure (so your system isn't flaky at all), but due to a routine check executed from crontab daily at 3 P. M.:

0 15 * * *  /usr/lib/ras/dumpcheck

You should increase the size(s) of your dump device(s) so it/they can accommodate a possible future dump.

First, check what your dump devices are:

sysdumpdev -l

(Ignore "/dev/sysdumpnull", this means that a dump to it will be discarded).

Then check how big they are by issuing an lslv against the devices shown next to "primary" and "secondary" (but without the "/dev/" prefix and (see above) ignoring /dev/sysdumpnull).


lslv sysdump1

Get the actual size by multiplying the number of "LPs:" on the left with the "PP SIZE:" on the right.

Finally, get the estimated size of a system dump with

sysdumpdev -e

or in megabytes:

sysdumpdev -e | awk '{print $NF/1024/1024}'

To adjust the size of the dump device run

extendlv sysdump1 <x>

where <x> can be computed according to the formula:

( required size - actual size ) / PP Size

So let's say that your current dump device has 256 MB but "sysdumpdev -e" tells you that it needs 384 MB, then, assuming that the PP size of the dump volume is 64 MB):

(384 - 256 ) / 64
128 / 64

(If the result is a fraction, round it up to the next integer.)

So run

extendlv sysdump1 2

and you're done.

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