iTunes Homesharing across network segments

I have 2 network segments and (both of the router IPs). is my home LAN. is my VPN LAN (StrongVPN, if that matters).  My iTunes "server" is at  My Apple TV is at  The VPN router is DD-WRT build 18777.  The iTunes "server" is Windows 8 Enterprise.

How do I need to configure my VPN router so that my Apple TV is able to find and stream from my iTunes "server"?
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akahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Homesharing is designed to prohibit exactly what you are trying to do.  Its goal is to let you share music only within the same network, so you can't "homeshare" with your friends.   From homesharing's perspective, two different network segments is the same as two networks.

You could probably get this to work if you multihome your Windows 8 machine (give it two ip addresses in the network settings, one on each subnet.)
CPA_MCSEAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  That might just be doable, BUT the VPN segment internet traffic is MUCH slower than the home LAN segment.  I would need to ensure no internet traffic for the W8 machine goes over the VPN segment.  How to do that?
CPA_MCSEAuthor Commented:
Oops!  I think I know...I could simply put in a restriction on the VPN router for the W8 IP address.

I will buy another NIC tomorrow and give it a go!
CPA_MCSEAuthor Commented:
I also found this just now as an alternative to buying a new NIC.  I will test it soon and update.
You don't need two nics. Windows allows you to assign multiple IP addresses to the same nic.  Go into "advanced" in your tcp/IP settings and add another static IP address, so you have one on each subnet.
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