Issues accessing an FTP site

We are trying to FTP from our linux server to a vendoer's FTP but it doesnt work.
Out network team has done NAT successfully
# sh ip nat trans   displayes the right NAT

When i try to ftp from a computer at home i also get page cannot be displayed. That tells me they havent added a route back to office ( or to my home server )

What else can they check from their side to see if they see our connections ?
Servers are Linux based. RHEL.
NAT is on Cisco Routers. ( our side)
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Are you trying to ftp from a shell prompt or something else to see "page cannot be displayed"?

A normal ftp request will give you a login prompt if running, or

ftp: connect: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.

if the ftp server is not running.

Unless there are specific firewall restrictions in place at the server site they should not have to add a route to your site for you to be able to connect.

If you try to ftp from a command line on the linux server, or from a command prompt on a pc, what do you get?
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
i get this

[root@ussef301 ~]# ftp 10.221.X.Y
ftp: connect: Connection timed out
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
vendor said they have added a static route on the windows 2003 server ( this is where the FTP site is hosted)
i will ask them to do a tracert to our server and see where it times out.
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The time out means you are not getting there. Have you tried pinging the ip address?

Is this a new ftp site or are their other people using it? If not, I suspect it is not setup correctly on the server end. Is the server behind a firewall?

You should do a tracert from your end to see how far you get.
Is this an external server to your network? I think network 10.x.x.x is considered private and can't be routed over internet.

please see:
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
I am ble to connect from my linux server , however when we try to connect from the SAP server we get
FTP server "10.221.x.y:21": Connection timed out
I can connect from all other linux servers
any ideas ?
Are both servers (linux and SAP) on the same internal 10.221.x.y network?

Where is the NAT that you mention configured.

When you ftp from the SAP server are you doing so from a command prompt, or using some product? Can the SAP server ftp to anywhere?

Could there be firewall or switch rules that prevent the SAP server from ftp'ing out?

Have you tried to ftp to the real ip address instead from the SAP server instead of the nat'ed address.

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c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
just confirmed that the SAP server is on a different subnet from the servers we tested yesterday and worked..
I am checking with the network team to add an ACL for this IP as well.
That seems to be the issue.
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
ok so..
SAP server can FTP to any other FTP site
ACL is in place for the SAP server
that leaves one suspect.... the FTP server which is a windows server. I am not sure how can they set filters on teh FTP server but it seems that it refuses the connections coming from the SAP server.
If they have a firewall in front of their ftp server they could selectively block/permit ip address access. But, it is not likely they have chosen to block that one ip address.

On your site, do you have a firewall in place such that all outgoing activity appears to come from a single ip adress?

How about you run a traceroute from the linux server and one from the SAP server and see where the results differ. That should give you a hint as to the issue.
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