AIX/Linux - Shell script to collect /etc/passwd and /etc/group

I need to collect the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files from 50 odd servers. Of course, there is no way I'm going to logon to those 50 servers and ftp one by one. I needed help to come up with a script that will allow me from my jump server to go out and collect these files using a flat file containing the list of servers. Any help on this?
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Do you need separate files for passwd and group?

If you don't, just run this:

while read server
    ssh $server 'echo "Contents of PASSWD"; cat /etc/passwd; echo "Contents of GROUP" ; cat /etc/group' >/tmp/$server.passwd_group
  done < list_of servers

If you need separate files, the simplest way is this:

while read server
    ssh $server 'echo "Contents of PASSWD"; cat /etc/passwd'  >/tmp/$server.passwd
    ssh $server 'echo "Contents of GROUP" ; cat /etc/group' >/tmp/$
  done < list_of servers

You should have public key access to the servers, otherwise you would have to enter the password 50 times (first version) or even 100 times (second version).

AIX25Author Commented:
I'm doing the 1 file option and I don't have my pub key setup, but I'm ok with that for now till I do set it up.

Problem though...I ran the script and it worked on the first server in the list and than it broke out of it and went back to the prompt. Any ideas why?
Yes, that's a mistake of mine, sorry!

We must use the "-n" flag of ssh to keep it from reading stdin.

ssh -n $server 'echo "Contents of PASSWD"; cat /etc/passwd; echo "Contents of GROUP" ; cat /etc/group' >/tmp/$server.passwd_group

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