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Hi peeps.

we had a user using lync video on an international roaming service. the cost was very high as the user apparently spent about 1GB in the day. she mentioned she had conducted interviews and did so by lync video.

question is this.

can we configure lync to sense when on 3G service and not enable video function. just audio?  

can we also compress video feed to minimize data use.

how do most of you manage this? so that you dont get high international roaming costs.

we hope to find a way to enable the full video experience when on the LAN or WAN. but not when using a 3g mobile internet service.

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Yes you can in the latest versions of the lync mobility

Mobility Policy => RequireWIFIForIPAudio
Mobility Policy => RequireWIFIForIPVideo

It's requires wifi instead of 3/4g connections, there is no way to limit the time spent on 3/4g, it's either on or off.

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AncientsAuthor Commented:
First sorry for taking so long to reply.

Just to confirm. When a user (Road Warrior) is using Lync on their notebook computer not mobile phone. so with Windows 8 on PC while working remotely. I can still disable the video feature for users when using a 3G data service that requires a phone type data sim either by USB connection or WWAN slot on the notebook. so internet is connected by this service for lync use.  but when being used only voice not video is enabled for this service. wireless will be treated differently.

I am happy to only configure this feature to disable video on the users PC when roaming and connected via modem type 3G device.  will check your link. if you have any clear steps on how to achieve this. much apprecated.

thanks again

Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
I don't have a way to test for you, we only have mobile phones with the feature not tablets or computers with 3/4G connections. In order for the settings to take effect the devices will have to get GPO updates from AD, so they have to VPN into your network to get the settings pushed to them, or they bring in the device to the local network to get the settings then. You can push them out to the registry I assume, but I'm not sure where those locations are in the registry. You'd have to connect remotely to their machine of trust the user to run a .reg file to install the settings.
I don't know if they use a USB 3/4G connection if that will work, I'd make sure you test that first.
AncientsAuthor Commented:
We can push via group policy. That is the question I suppose. what is the full Powershell Command, and if change on Group Policy is required. what is this configuration?

ill post another question around this if you cant answer before closing and assigning points. but thanks for the information so far.

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