Display Max and Average off the same column in a Pivot

Is it possible to have a pivot table display both the Max value and the Average value off the same column of data.  I currently do this with a duplicated column; my query that is extracting the data supplies the same data in two columns with different names; AVE-DAYS, MAX-DAYS.  The value that is in both columns is the same; the number of days between two events.

I would like to have a single column and have the pivot display both values.
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Drag the object into the column set it to max the. Drag in the same object and set it to avg.  You do not need to create duplicate columns.

I have created a basic table with Date and Amount column because you need at least 2 columns even though I am not using the amount column
BigCity52Author Commented:
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