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In the past, folder permissions at my company have been done on a individual basis. Going forward I want to use security groups, and am trying to make a script to copy the current permissions for our shares into groups I have created.

Right now I have a script that gets all the current user permissions on the folders, get the group name, and makes sure the account is active. I believe I could add the users to the groups fairly easily, but before I go any further I want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything that might cause problems or would make this easier.

Here is my current script:

Add-PSSnapin quest.activeroles.admanagement
get-childitem \\"domain" | where-object { $_.PSIScontainer } | get-acl | select-object path -expandproperty access | select identityreference,path | export-csv c:\powershell\permissions.csv

$users = Import-csv C:\powershell\permissions.csv

foreach ($line in $users) {
    $group = $line.Path.Substring(62)

      if (Get-QADUser $line.IdentityReference -Enabled) { Add user to group here}

      #check for groups who have permissions on folder and add to group

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ksagle7Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the response.

I ended up finding a solution to my problem. In case anyone else needs it, here is the script I ended up using.

    Add-PSSnapin quest.activeroles.admanagement
    $location = "\\domain\share"

    $folders = Get-ChildItem $location | where {$_.psIsContainer -eq $true}

    FOREACH($folder in $folders){

    $acl = get-acl $folder.fullname


        FOREACH($perm in $perms){
            $permissions="" |Select-Object -Property $collect
            $permissions.Folder=$folder.FullName.substring(24) #I used substring to remove the domain name, leaving the folder name online
            if ($userstr -match "_") #All our usernames have an unscore in them, so I looked for that
                $group = $folder.Name + " Share"
                if (Get-QADUser -Identity $userstr -enabled{ #verify account in enabled
                    add-QADMemberOf -Identity $userstr -Group $group




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Since at the windows there is no such events that are been created by the name of copy. For instance at windows there are no such events that create a logs by the name of copy. For that if the logs are only not created then there is a very less chance to get and view the reports of copy.
ksagle7Author Commented:
Found myself
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