Binding RadComoboBox on SelectedIndexChanged event of other RadComboBox in edit mode of telerik Rad grid

          I am trying to bind a radcombobox upon selection of value from other radcombobox in a rad grid when it is in edit mode i.e. either I am trying to add new record to grid or editing existing one.
          I can bind 'cmb_facility_selectedIndexChanged' event to one combo box when element from first combobox is selected and in that I can add primary id for other combobox to populate the data can be stored in session.On 'ItemCreated' event of RadGrid,I can check for edit mode (adding new record or editing existing one) and here I can call function to bind other combobox with value stored in session for both adding new record and editing existing.
         nevertheless,in reality
1:For Adding new record:
         I) I am not able to get  'cmb_facility_selectedIndexChanged' event when a element is changed from first combobox,
        II) Thus not able to bind values to other combobox,
2:For Editing existing record:
        I) I can get the  'cmb_facility_selectedIndexChanged' event when a element is changed from first combobox,
        II) And also function to bind the other combobox,works fine but still I can't get the values in second combobox.
Please suggest the solution for this problem.
Thanks in advance.
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vikasbapatConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank You
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