spring mvc


I was going through below link

I have not understood below line
Spring MVC helps in building flexible and loosely coupled web applications. The Model-view-controller design pattern helps in seperating the business logic, presentation logic and navigation logic.

what exactly is business logic and what exactly is presentation logic what exactly is navigation logic in practical terms.

Does the database, DAO, BO , eJB come into MVC at all.

I am not clear

Please advise.

Any links resources ideas highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Business logic: the logic that implements the business requirements. For example if you have an online store that sells books the part of the system that finds out how many books left, or how much each book costs, who the customer is, etc, is the business logic.

Presentation logic: the logic that defines how the site looks. In our example with the online store the presentation logic is how you display all the components of the system, i.e. the order form, the graphics, the colours of the site, the interaction with the user (for example dynamic menus with JavaScript or JQuery), etc.

Navigation logic: the logic that defines how you navigate the application. Where do you go when you click a button, or a link, or where do you go when you submit a form.

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gudii9Author Commented:
>>Does the database, DAO, BO , eJB come into MVC at all.

Please advise if DAO, BO, DB, EJB layer comes under business logic.
What is a "BO"?
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gudii9Author Commented:
Business Object
gudii9Author Commented:
please advise
BO and EJB - yes
DAO and DB - no
gudii9Author Commented:
>>DAO and DB - no

They may not come in spring mvc module but they come in spring ORM right? please advice
They are generic terms, they are used by every ORM framework.
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