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need an AD cmdlets or POSH script to change authentication settings on QBDG's

we have a requirement to change the "Message Delivery Restrictions" on 100+ Query based distribution groups [dynamic groups]  to "Accept messages from" "All Senders"

all groups are in one OU.

can someone provide a way to make this change in bulk via script?

many thanks,

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1 Solution
-AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom <MultiValuedProperty>
    The AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom parameter specifies the mailbox users, mail users, and mail contacts that can send e
    -mail messages to this dynamic distribution group. You can also specify Microsoft Exchange as a valid recipient
     for this parameter. If you configure a dynamic distribution group to accept messages only from the Microsoft E
    xchange recipient, the dynamic distribution group only receives system-generated messages.
    You can use any of the following values for the valid senders:
    * DN
    * Canonical name
    * GUID
    * Name
    * Display name
    * Alias
    * Exchange DN
    * Primary SMTP e-mail address
    By default, this parameter is blank, which enables the dynamic distribution group to accept messages from all senders.

For more information for Set-DynamicDistributionGroup, run

Get-Help Set-DynamicDistributionGroup -Full
David CarrCommented:
What is yours currently set to for the groups?
siber1Author Commented:
gkrew, it is currently set to only allow members of one group to send to it. need to clear this on all to allow all auth. to send to them. . thx
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siber1Author Commented:
figured it out. required -AcceptMessagesOnlyFromSendersOrMembers $null

Try this cmdlet

$Dynamic = Import-Csv C:\Dynamic.csv

Foreach ($DL in $Dynamic){

Set-DynamicDistributionGroup -Identity $DL.DynamicName -AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom:$null


Open in new window

Please note DynamicName is your CSV header
siber1Author Commented:
Hi Suriyaehnop, sorry I already assigned the points before I saw your post.

thanks for the response and posh code.

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