Remote office calendar appointments all screwy

We are currently using a third party hosted exchange server with Rackspace.  We are located in the eastern timezone and I am having an issue with a remote office user that is based in the central time zone.  Do not think the time zone is an issue but I want all the detail in here.

The issue he is having is with his calendars.  For instance If i send him an appointment it it comes in to him fine unless it's an all day appointment then it shows for two days.  September first was labor day which was posted on the company calendar to last all day Monday and on his company calendar it show all day Sunday and Monday.  Seems like any all day event adds a day.  I checked his settings through Rackspace and he is set for central timezone (again i don't believe that has anything to do with it)  however no local users are experiencing this.

Also, for your info his time is correct on his local machine.  It's a window 7 machine running office 2007.  His OWA is also showing the added days as well.

Anyone have any insight at what maybe cause this and how to correct it?
techitch2Network AdminAsked:
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This is not the solution but your feedback will help. The issue happens when you set an appointment using your Outlook client. What happens if you set the same appointment using OWA?
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
It behaves the same way.  I just sent from my OWA account requesting a one day (all day) meeting and it shows two days at his end.
Please post Exchange version.
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techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
exchange 2010
I wonder if it is fully patched. This kind of issue is usually fixed by a patch.
Do you have any idea about which patches are missing, if any?
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Geez....I would have to call them and get in touch with an engineer i suppose.  Their call center people wouldn't know that.  I will give it a try tomorrow when I'm in the office if you're cool waiting on that answer?
I'll be waiting...
techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
OK sorry it has taken me to long to get back but we ran into an issue.  When i called Rackspace they didn't know why his calendar events were showing two days when they were actually scheduled for one day and were trying to figure it out.  They created this users mailbox at their end to tinker with the calendar settings and with in 5 minutes of that my salesman was calling asking me if i was in his mailbox because his inbox was disappearing.  So i alerted the rackspace tech and he kept trying to recover the inbox and it kept deleting over and over.   Right now i am waiting on a response from them.

I am super pizzed.
The Rackspace tech should work on a test user created identically as the salesman user. The salesman user should be kept untouched until the tech discovers what is the problem.
Keep me informed. Thank you.
BIG NEWS: I've replicated your scenario. I've created a User1 which is Eastern and User2 which is Central. User1 creates an all-day schedule and invites User2. User2 gets a 2 all-days schedule. This is exactly what happens to you.

Let me run further tests and I should be back in a couple of hours.
Even latest Update Rollup 2 for 2010 SP3 doesn't change anything. I've tested myself.

When User1 sets an appointment (for example) for the whole 7th October (which is exactly 7th 0.00 - 8th 0.00), User2 gets it as an appointment for 6th 23.00 till 7th 23.00. Since the appointment is "marked" as a whole day and it spans 2 days it becomes 2 whole days.

During my tests I've found only 1 workaround: ask User2 to set appointments from 1.00 to 23.00 when he wants a whole day. User2 will receive these appointments as 0.00 to 22.00.

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techitch2Network AdminAuthor Commented:
It's not really a solution but kind of a ass backwards work around.  I am not taking anything away from you.  That is the solution I am finding from Microsoft and Rackspace.  It's totally lame but it is what it is.  This is what rackspace supplied me after the blew up this users inbox and had to do a restore on it. Just trying to figure out why the calendar wasn't working properly.

Hello xxxxxxx,

I do apologize for the delayed response, per our conversation you stated that when you send a
all-day calendar invite from your mailbox: to: the invite spands
two days:

Outlook treats anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays as all-day events (an all-day event is defined
from midnight to midnight in the local time zone). When the time zones change, all-day events move.
Therefore, when you change the computer's time zone, the all-day event moves to display in the new
time zone. An event, such as a holiday or birthday, will appear in the Calendar on two consecutive
days. For example, a birthday could appear from 6 A.M. one day to 6 A.M. the next day.

You can do one of the following:

    Use the additional time zone feature in Outlook to display the local time zone and do not change
the operating system time zone.
    Correct each all-day event for the current time zone setting.
    Change the time zone back to the one used when the items were created.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call 888.850.3994 or chat using the link below.

Thank you,

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