How can I make a radio button field enabled for certain users in Filemaker?

I am trying to allow only certain users to a field(radio button using a valuelist) in a certain layout.  This layout is used by all staff but I only need 3 individuals to allow entry into this field only.  On the inspector properties I get the option to check/uncheck the field entry for behavior for 'browse mode' or 'find mode'.  I have the 'browse mode' to prevent users from changing the selection.  When I need to make a change, I have to check-mark it to make the selection. It is tiring that when management wants to change the value, i have to do it. I rather they when they are in the record/layout/field for them to make the necessary change without me being disrupted.
I can not go to manage-->security because each of the users are in different groupings specific to their usage, which in turn also has other users in that group as well.
I was hoping to use  a script that when they enter that layout, a script checks to see who is the user and lets the correct user change it by enabling it.  Or maybe a script that when the user clicks on the field it checks to see who is the user and allows them to edit it.

please advise.

j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAsked:
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j_ramesesConnect With a Mentor Info Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
I created a script trigger on object enter.
What it does it passes the value of the field with the script trigger as a parameter.
Then the script trigger uses get (accountuser) and verifies the user.
if it is a certain user it allow it exits the script which in turns accepts the changed value.
If it is not an authorized user, it pops out a meessage to the user letting them know they can not make the change.
then it reverts the value back to what it was originally.
then it goes to the next field, so they dont keep clicking on it again.
Will LovingConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
That's pretty much how you do it.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
I figured out the solution to my problem after i posted and rested my brain.
I gave sevral points to willmen since he confirmed what I wrote
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