Port Forward Slingbox via Juniper SRX220

I'm having forwarding TCP port 5001 for Slingbox through Juniper SRX220.  I have destination NAT stating the following:

 destination {
            pool slingbox {
                address port 5001;
            rule-set inbound-nat {
                from zone untrust;
                rule slingbox-inbound {
                    match {
                        destination-port 5001;
                        protocol tcp;
                    then {
                        destination-nat pool slingbox;

I also have a policy from zone untrust-trust allowing the following:

  from-zone untrust to-zone trust {
            policy slingbox-management {
                match {
                    source-address any;
                    destination-address Slingbox;
                    application [ slingbox-port slingbox-management-tcp slingbox-management-udp ];
                then {
                    log {

I can telnet to 5001 so that tells me the NAT is working like it should.  I'm not able to view the stream from slingbox player. Any ideas?
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Slingbox got a the correct mask/gateway?

Have you tried to forward UDP too?

Have a look here...

Greggor25Author Commented:
Yes I using both UDP and TCP and it still doesn't work.
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