Do I need to keep citrix profile manager in FARM?

I have one citrix Profile manager server to configure. I have two FARM . One is Production and another one is Development FARM.

Do I need add cirix profile manager server in any one of these FARM or can I keep citrix profile manager as a stand alone?

If I need to add Citrix profile manager server in one of the FARM , then Can it be shared with other Development FARM?
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Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
yes- I think.
I don't understand the role "profile manager Server".
You have to install the UPM-Service to every device or Server where users logging on and where you need the central citrix-profiles.
The management is done per GPO (from some one server - possible the DC)  and affects all servers within the OU.
If you won't / can't use the GPO you can configure the UPS-Service with .ini-files at every server.

also you need a fileshare reachable for all servers.
The farm membership is independend of the UPM-Config.
(you can move a server without Citrix "RDP-Only" to the OU, Install the UPM-Service and you use the central profile-store with this server also)
Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
the Citrix UPM is independend from the farm.
i use it with multiple Domains and multiple farms and xendesktop.
all with the same store.
there are no configuration made from the farm ...
look to the GPO Config (or the corresponding ini-file) and you should see the possibilities.
sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
Its not about Data Store..
I have profile manager Server.
Can I select anyone of my citrix Server in my farm as profile manager server after installing the component? and Can I share My profile manager Server in one farm with other FARM in same domain?
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