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We are trying to help a client with file sharing and perhaps DFS can help.

* Client has 2 sites, with users working at both sites.
* Theres a fileserver at site A with a share called \\fs1\common
* All users at both sites access this share, so users at site B access it over WAN and its slower. Reason is they cooperate on projects that are folders under common.
* At site B theres an available fileserver called \\fs2\

? Is it possible to create a share \\fs2\common with folders in it, and using DFS create a org.wide share \\xyz\common that will populate folders from \\fs1\common\ and \fs2\common\?
we need the \common\ share to contain project folders as templates etc point here, but we could move project folders to \\fs2 for users sitting at site B so they access it locally.

Can DFS do this, create \\domain\common\ "folders" which are from both targets in one folder view?

Appreciate any ideas or suggestions on possibly also other ways todo this.

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joebilekAuthor Commented:
Hi, Im not sure if I was good in describing the goal. Is not to Replicate, but to make a user at each site open \common\ and then see all subfolders in an aggregated view which is combined from folders om site a and b.

is that possible?
This sounds like DFS to me. The users in both locations have their local folders which they update.

This local folder(s) can then be replicated via DFS so that when:

Site1-Folder1 makes a change it is replicated to Site2-Folder1 and vice versa.
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