SBS2011 Internet Address Management Wizard

Looking for clarification/help on SBS 2011 installation. I currently am administering a SBS2003 system and will be replacing it with SBS2011. The business has a web site hosted at and the DNS records are set up at the ISP to forward mail to the static IP address at the physical address of the SBS2003. Mail, remote access, etc. work fine.

I am not understanding the post install documentation and the wizard on the SBS2011. It seems the Internet Address Management Wizard needs to be run to "allow" mail delivery between onsite exchange and world. From what I read/understand, entries are made in the SBS2011 DNS records to reference the ISP???  I don't know if I "have" to run it in order for the new install to work correctly or not

My question - What really is the function/purpose of the Internet Address Management Wizard? All reference books that I have purchased regarding SBS2011 show it is required to run, but not real clear why. If I don't run the wizard, does it mean I can't use exchange to send/receive mail off-site?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance,
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