Saleforce Certfication - Developer

I am total new to Saleforce, and I would like to learn more and eventually take the exam - Developer and Advanced Developer.

My background is in .net/c#, and SQL as well.

I just need some ideas where I should begin. I saw the website mentioned that the first start is talking a class ((DEV-401)) but it is over 4000.00 and it is something I can't afford.

Of course, I already signed up developer account and played around already.

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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Well, signing up with a developer account and "playing" might add to your overall experience but might not help you gaining certification. Definitely need that hands on experience, but must also reflect real life needs.

If your ultimate goal is certification then you must learn the correct techniques, the infrastructure, schema's etc.

If the course is too expensive, then you will have to do it the hard way and combine books with self paced training.

Best to download the Study Guide PDF from : and check some of the "easy" questions as examples that you might find.

 Also check the reading materials available via :

And the podcasts :

When you are testing / playing try to set up a scenario as close to demanding real life as possible, you will benefit because of various flow on affects - so set the scene for you own fictitious company and spell out the requirements - some of your education will start from the get go just in setting up a real life scenario.

Avoid the temptation of crams and cheats - there is no replacement for hands on knowledge...

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Mark-helpful. Thank
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