Active Directory User account with add computer to domain Privelage

What si the lowest level member I can create that will have access to join computer to the domain without having too much more of an elevated access?  I want to be able to give a group of users at a remote office the ability to join new users laptops to the company's domain but do not want them to have access to anything outside of that.
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SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
You can create group and add users to this group and delegate control to add worksation to domain.

Delegate – non-admin account to add workstations to domain
Twhite0909Author Commented:
We also use DELL QARS , Active Roles Server, for most AD group creations.  I think there was something about Delegation that can accomplish this if anyone is familiar with that?
You can add advanced security permissions on the "Computers" OU.
Properties |Security tab |Advanced |Add |Type the groupname and Check Names |OK
Assign only "Create Computer objects" permissions.
Please note that this does only apply for new computer objects.
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