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I am using SQL 2008 with Web reporting tools and trying to setup E-mail delivery via exchange.   From with in the SQL I have setup the Database Mail and test the functions and it works.   Now from reports web interface I am unable to choose the mail delivery option. I only have the Windows File Share.   I know I am missing something simple (or at least I hope it is simple).
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ValentinoVConnect With a Mentor BI ConsultantCommented:
You still need to activate the email delivery extension on the report server. It can be done through either the Reporting Services Configuration Manager or by editing the rsreportserver.config file, easiest is through the tool.

See following page for the full description on the activation process: How to: Configure a Report Server for E-mail Delivery (Reporting Services Configuration)
JaysonJacksonAuthor Commented:
thank you....
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