IPsec VPN Fortigate 310B - checkpoint R76. Tunnel established but no traffic


Set up an IPsec VPN tunnel between our site, and a remote site.
We are using the Fortigate 310B and the other uses a Checkpoint R76.

Let's just name them:
CompanyA - Fortigate 310B, our site
CompanyB - Checkpoint R76, remote site

The VPN tunnel establishes ok, but no traffic is being sent through the tunnel, triple checked our settings and everything seems to be exactly the same.

Are there any pitfalls connecting fortigate to chekpoint or special considerations, as I can't see where the error is and what is causing it. Could really use some help on this one.

CompanyA Config
Set up the following:
Phase1, interface mode
Static Route
Policy which allows traffic

Phase 2
Static Route
Device: VPN Tunnel
Distance: 10

CompanyA LAN -> CompanyB LAN
Service ANY

CompanyB Config
Here is what I got from CompayB.
The rest of the settings not showed in the pictures is correct.

VPN config

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LenblockAuthor Commented:
The solution was found.

CompanyB checked their settings and discovered that traffic towards CompanyA LAN was not routed through the tunnel.
CompanyB changed their routing and pointed the traffic correctly, and now it works like a charm.

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