"Send As" Permissions go missing from account on Exchange Server 2007

I have a client with 2 domains in their Exchange Server. One particular user needs an account from each domain set up in his profile in Outlook 2010. This was working for some time, then about a week ago it suddenly stopped.

When he sends an email or replies to an email from the primary domain, no problems are encountered. However, now when he sends an email from the secondary account it will sit in the "Outbox" and not go anywhere. Also, if he receives an email to the secondary account, and replies to it, a bounce back will appear in the "inbox" in the primary account which states that "The user does not have permission to send from this account."

If I log into the Exchange Server I am able to correct the problem by granting the primary account "send as" permissions to the secondary account. However, the permissions go missing after about a day or two, and I'm stuck at square one.
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Is the secondary account a member of any of the following groups:
Enterprise Admins
Schema Admins
Domain Admins
Domain Controllers
Cert Publishers
Backup Operators
Replicator Server Operators
Account Operators
Print Operators

Or do you know if the user account has ever been placed in one of these groups previously?
This is done on purpose, it's a feature.

Check out this article.


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