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Hi anyone,

I have problem to copy html document from IE ver 8 to outlook 2010 using shortcut keys (eg.ctrl V). The image's border properties cannot fully copy to outlook 2010 email content. The properties of the image can be shown on IE8 without issue. However, if we try to use the shortcut key to copy the html document to outlook email, it looks different. The border properties are gone. May I know any solution or workaround?

img {
 border-width: 3px;
 border-color: #ff0000;
 border-style: dotted;

 Or all together:

 img {
 border: 3px #ff0000 dotted;
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
It will look different in any case because two different 'rendering engines' are being used.  IE uses the Trident display engine and Outlook 2010 uses Microsoft Word.  Which is unfortunate but it is the choice Microsoft made because of one of the lawsuits against them.  Word is stuck with HTML barely above the HTML 3.2 level while IE8 can display up to XHTML and a little HTML5.
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