Mac OS X VPN to Windows RRAS Server

I apologize if this is a question that has been asked a million times, but I am not a Mac guy.  I have a Mac running OS X 10.8.5 and I have a PPTP VPN connection setup to the workplace.  I am able to VPN successfully; however, I cannot resolve hosts by name, only by IP.  This is a problem because my users only know their computer names and not their IP addresses.  How can I make the Macs resolve hostnames?  We use RDP to connect to local machines.  My Windows machines have no problem with this.  I know that this issue can be resolved by routing all traffic through the VPN, but this is unacceptable in this situation.
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cperry-scaAuthor Commented:
I have generalized some of our network configuration below for reference:

Work Network:
Domain: office.local
DNS Servers:,
You wrote you cannot resolve hosts by name. Does that happen also with fqdn? In other words: does resolution fail with host and

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cperry-scaAuthor Commented:
FQDN solved my problem.  Thank you and I apologize for my slow response.
You are welcome. Thank you for responding.
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