Move contacts to windows live email

I am upgrading my parents computer from XP to Win 7 (new computer) and must switch to Windows live for e-mail.

I was able to import the e-mail folders but have hit a snag for the contacts.

How do you move the contacts from an Outlook Express 6 to a Windows Live 2012??
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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
launch xp, start outlook express 6.
go to "Tools" pull-down menu
select Address Book and a small new window "Address Book - yourname" appears
In the new address book window, go to "File" pull-down
select export "Address Book (WAB)"
dialogue window opens instructing "select address book file to export to"
where the cursor should be already flashing,type in the "file name" box a filename to use
        (like "ParentsAddressBook")
at the top of same window select the folder where you want to find it later, (e.g., Desktop)
new window opens, says your book is exported, and click "OK"
exit outlook express 6
launch your browser and type "" into your URL address box at the top
notice live is now called and you will have to sign in with name and PW
now the browswer window shows your parents inbox with "Outlook | \/" logo at the top on left
click just to the right of the logo on the down arrow "\/" part
now you see four square menu buttons appear
click on "People"
now the "People" menu ribbon is across the top and is reddish orange
notice there is also a large list of social media logos in a grey box in main area of window
at the top it says "Add people to your contact list"
click on the bottom option "Import from file"
new window opens, go to step three  Choose the file to import: and click "Browse"
dialogue box to let you select, and doubleclick on "ParentsAddressBook.WAB" on Desktop
now you see that path entered in "Choose the file to import:"...
click on import contacts.

Contacts are on Live's server now.  Then, if you prefer Windows Live Mail 2012 rather than using a browser, and you have W7 running, you can use same method to export (but export is under "People - Manage - Export"  not "People - import file".  Then use the exported file from Live, and import it into Windows Live Mail 2012.

Or, you could save your contacts to a flash drive, instead of putting them on the Live server.  Then when you install W7, and it is running,  you can launch Windows Live Mail 2012 program and find the import option to put the contacts stored on the flash drive into the new program.

Hope thats good for you!! :)

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LiefrAuthor Commented:
I was going into Windows Live 2012 on the local computer.

The part I missed was seeing the tiny icons at the bottom of the left pane (Contacts being one of them), which I could not find anywhere on the ribbon.

Once I was there then importing the .wab file was easy.

Your instructions were good but you missed the part about the tiny icons.
Also, the instructions about exporting from Windows Live was unecessary as I had told you I was going from Outlook Express 6 to windows live 2012.

LiefrAuthor Commented:
not directly on point but useable. Thanks.
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