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We have a user trying to print a 41 page document, most pages are portrait but there are some in landscape mode. When user prints document the printer stops just before the first landscape document and wont print the rest, no error message and have tried on different printers (both Ricoh though) does anyone know why printing stops before it gets to landscape page?
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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Sounds like you might check for printer driver updates for your Ricoh printer, or take your doc file on a flash drive somewhere that has a different printer and printer driver to try, like the public library, friend, or for a fee, take your doc file, or email it to Kinko's or similar printing service.  If it prints successfully somewhere else, you've pretty much proven its your printer driver that is at fault.  Ricoh did report a problem with mixed orientation printing, so it may exist in a few Ricoh products.  You can see your type of issue was fixed in the following Release Notes from Ricoh, under version 6.74, under item "2", under the fifth hyphen...

and here below you should be able to get situated with helpful documentation for your products and up-to-date drivers that may have fixed the problem.

If still not working, is the method you used to mix orientations similar to what follows for your specific version of Word...

And are you familiar with Word's occasional goofs that you cannot see to delete?  Sometimes a lot of re-editing can cause a bug to insert a hidden error, or invisible glitch in the body of your document.  The method of mixing orientations described in the URL above could be thought of as turning a toggle switch on at the beginning of an orientation, and then off when returning to the other orientation.  Sometimes repeating that procedure messes things up, and you have to select the entire problem area between to different formats (such as orientations) delete it, and reinsert the formatting with one final clean insertion.

As an example, if you're familiar with HTML at all, you know you can see a nice looking page design with your browser, but you don't see the switches that turn things on and off to make the page appear the way it does.  Unlike word, the browser will let you go to "View" then "Source", and you can see the toggles in the HTML code.  For instance, the body of the page is marked at the beginning with the markup "<body> and at the end of the body it has a markup "</body>" to toggle it off.  It could cause problems if you had either of those markups twice, or one was missing, as it is supposed to be a single pair.  Word has toggles that can be thought of like that, but you cannot always view them.  You have to be careful with your cursor placement and delete every thing your cannot see ( and maybe some text and graphics too) in the problem area.  The area where you switch orientations.  

Alright I'm getting winded.  Hope it goes good for you.

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Have you tried printing on a different printer (such as PDFCreator)? If problem still exists, check your document (landscape section parameters - margins etc.). If you got proper PDF, it means that you have problem with printer drivers. In that case, try to change printer language (in printer properties) from PCL to Postscript. Maybe you should set your printer as Generic Postscript printer.
dowhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long we had major projects running, but i finally was able to test this fix and it worked, thank you
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