HP ThinPro COM1 Redirection Incomplete

HP T510 with Thinpro and Topaz T-S460-B-R serial signature pad to COM1.  Serial port redirection setup to a 2k8 R Standard terminal server cluster.  When I test the signature pad through HyperTerminal or Putty the result that Topaz sees is near what I signed though with obvious dips or corrupt data parts of the signature which causes the signature pads to not work at all in the desired application.  Topaz has indicated that some HP thin clients have had this issue before.  Any suggestions on how this could be resolved?  Topaz has pointed towards HP and a call to HP I'm afraid will end up in phone transfers for a while and potential loss time.

Couple notes:
- Topaz's DemoOCX.exe doesn't work at all.
- Latest BIOS and OS from HP on the thin client.
- Works fine on XP embedded, unfortunately I don't have a license for this or 7e.  I'd rather use ThinPro if at all possible.
- Works fine on 7 Professional from my laptop.
- Tried multiple different signature pads and multiple thin clients.
- Unchecked compression, encryption, and every other options on the thin client possible with no luck.
- May try to upgrade the xfreerdp package on Linux to the latest, looks like it may be a version or so behind.

Thank you for your help.
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Not what you want to do, but it sounds like the simplest solution is to use one of the Windows embedded OS's.

As a matter of interest, does it work with a ThinPro VM running under VMware Player on a Windows box ?
maxtexgrAuthor Commented:
We ended up using some older Wyse SX0 thin clients with an eventual plan to change them to newer embedded OS's.  Haven't tried the ThinPro VMWare player yet though I plan to.  I did encourage Topaz to adjust their documentation on their site to reflect our experience and their feedback pointed in the direction that they may do so.  I was hoping getting xfreerdp to work would be an option as we end up having to support two different types of thin clients: embedded and ThinPro.  Thank you for your input.
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