PowerShell reference books

I have a possibility for a job automating with PowerShell 3.

I have looked a little at the technet data on it but would like a recommendation for a (or some) books that can help me get started and then give a good basis on scripting.

I learn well from examples. I am an old programmer (CoBOL, VBA, TCL etc.) so I am not new to the concept of assembling instructions to reach a goal.

I am looking at 'Windows Powershell step-by-step' and also 'Learn Powershell 3 in a month of lunches'.

Are these worthwhile? Is another better?

Any comments would be welcome.

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SubsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this reference

You can start with 'Learn windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches'
Prashant GirennavarConnect With a Mentor Commented:

When I started powershell , I refered Learn Powershell in a month of lunches by don jones.

 The concepts explained in that book is simple and easy to get fundamentals right.

Once are done with that book , I would suggest you to go with "PowerShell in Action" by bruce payette. Its bit advanced , but really worth reading to master powershell

Hope this helps.


-Prashant Girennavar.
LiefrAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for all of your input.
I was pleased to see consensus on the '...lunches..' book and the 'PowerShell in Action' book as both of those looked good to me. I will get those.

I signed up for the newsletter.

This has been a great response and I greatly appreciate your time.

LiefrAuthor Commented:
This is the kind of help I have come to appreciate at Experts-Exchange.

Outstanding and over the top. I would give all three responders the full 500 if I could.

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