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We are planning to switch from one spam filter to another spam filter, our existing settings are internet>spam filter> edge server> CAS/HUB/mailbox server, would you kindly assist to know that what are steps I should follow to perform the activity considering minimum downtime.
1. I will change receive connector in EDGE server for new spam filter
2. I will change mx pointer to new spam filter.
What other steps do I need to follow.
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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you will change the send connector on the edge to point to the new spam filter.

to avoid downtime, I will advise you to add MX record with lower priority to the new filter, when the MX record is propagated, change the priority, in this way you will avoid any downtime.
Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
As busbar has mentioned, Your MX records are the most important part of redirecting mail without downtime.

If your old MX records are: 100  & 100
Create new MX records, like: 200  & 200

Then let those propagate through DNS to the internet (depends on your DNS TTL, but you could allow up to 24 hours).

Then when you're ready, swap the numbers.. so that anyone sending mail who doesn't get the DNS update too quickly is still sending to your old filter.

Then after you are sure your old filters aren't getting mail for you any more, delete them as MX records.

The rest is up to you making sure that your Exchange environment is ready to accept mail from a new Spam filter.   Also, if you're paying for them to check & deliver your outbound mail, make sure to redirect your send connectors.

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ipsec600Author Commented:
Hi busbar thank for your reply.
Hi Lectricx thank you for more insight into it. Would you kindly provide me any appropriate link with the steps details what needs to be done in exchnge 2010 environment, sorry for reqeusting you once again.
Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
If your Exchange 2010 Receive connector is currently set up to accept mail from anyone, you don't have a problem.

But if your existing connector only expects mail from one particular IP address or range, you may want to edit it's settings.

Microsoft's guidance:  

Youtube version if you like moving pictures.
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