removing mirroring from sql server 2008 R2

we have installed the mirroring structure on two SQL server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition and also witness server running on express edition so now we dont need the mirroring structure any more then we would like to remove mirror and witness server from this structure can I remove the mirror and witness server? is it enough to do it by clicking Remove Mirroring from Mirroring properties of Principal server? are there any works to do?
this is important product server so do I need to take any downtime from customer during removing mirror and witness server?

2.when coming to second work, customer wants the edition of sql server to be downgraded from enterprise Edition to Standart Edition after removing mirroring from Principal server?
how can I downgrade from Enterpise edition to standart edition on Principal server?
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Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
No, removing the mirror won't require downtime. All you are essentially doing is disabling and removing the endpoint, which can be done without interruption.
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
1. First disable the mirror by running the following command on the principal:

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Then disable mirroring by running the following command on either the principal or the mirror:

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2. As far as I am aware you cannot downgrade to Standard without re-installing. But if they've already paid for a enterprise licence why bother.
TRocexAuthor Commented:
do we have to take a downtime to remove the mirroring?
if we remove the mirroring as you said,any may any database interreption be? because database in online

for downgrade,how can we do it step by step?
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