SLES 11 not booting on HP DL385 G2


I have an old HP DL 385 G2 server which was working fine with ESX installed. Now I have erased all disks and install Suse Linux Enterprise 11 SP2.

When system tries to boot for the first time after the installation it looks like the Hard Drive wouldn`t be connected (it just skips the hard drive and goes to PXE boot)

what am I missing with this installation?
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Upon reboot, is it showing the boot options? You may have to check / change the boot options in RBSU, to enter press F9 when prompted during the boot process. Any (error) messages on screen when booting?
SimpleJAuthor Commented:
no, the boot options are not showing. I started "rescue mode" with SLES installation CD.

I found out that /boot directory is empty ? This is a fresh install.

How can I reinstall /boot (grub ?)
SimpleJAuthor Commented:
Here is what I did:

grub> device (hd0) /dev/cciss/c0d0
grub> root (hd0,0)
Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
grub> find /grub/stage1 (hd0,0)
grub> setup (hd0)
Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... yes
Checking if "/boot/grub/stage2" exists... yes
Checking if "/boot/grub/e2fs_stage1_5" exists... yes
Running "embed /boot/grub/e2fs_stage1_5 (hd0)"... 22 sectors are embedded.
succeeded Running "install /boot/grub/stage1 d (hd0) (hd0)1+22 p
(hd0,0)/boot/grub/stage 2 /boot/grub/grub.conf"... succeeded
grub> quit

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SimpleJAuthor Commented:
Found solution
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