Merge multiple PDF, Access

Hello experts

my database is ver2007
it can create up to 35 pdf reports at a time, using export type acFormatPDF
what's the best way to merge all pdf, sorted by file name

The client uses CutePDF creator, and free acrobat reader
and wants the database to do it automatically, with minimal user input.

I'm using leBans fabulous PDF creator in earlier versions of access, is this still the preferred way to merge all ?

or can access now handle this
or is there a better alternative ?
most of my systems will eventually end up as 64 bit
so wondering what the best option would be

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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
The builtin Access PDF utility won't merge PDF files.

CutePDF creator can do this, but you need to have the version that supports programmatic access. Once you do that, you can set the "CombinePDFs" registry key to 1, and that tells CutePDF to append new files. You would then just "print" all your PDF files to a single PDF.

Here's the page for CutePDF Creator: Note there are two "versions" which are redistributable - one that is the PDF Writer, and the other with programmatic access. You need the second one.

See the section titled "Use the registry keys below to combining jobs into a single PDF file." here:

Here's an EE post that shows a different way to do this:

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DBDavegOwnerAuthor Commented:
thanks LSM
my client is using terminal services, with about 15 concurrent users
would manipulating the cutePDF .ini file become an issue with terminal services ?

I've found the leBans solution so easy to setup in the past,
is it a case of 'better the devil you know'
no offense intended
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I'm not sure why you'd need to modify the cutePDF.ini file - can you explain further?

I used Lebans a while back and it was a nice solution, but I haven't had need for it in some time (I purchased the cutePDF create with access, and have used that since). Others have reported issues with the Lebans method in newer versions of Access. It relies on the snapshot viewer, which is no longer included after 2007. You can download and install, but I don't think it's available at all in 2013 (although I could be wrong).
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DBDavegOwnerAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure why you'd need to modify the cutePDF.ini file - can you explain further?

sorry I made have made a leap too far with my assumptions
I've used PDF995 previously and that option manipulates the printing options by editing the pdf995.ini file, I had assumed your suggestion for cutePDF was something similar.
On second glance I see it's a registry setting, my bad sorry

Your point that the leBans solution may have problems with later versions of access is exactly the sort of advice I was hoping to get as I was worried that earlier solutions may become obsolete at some point.

I've not previously modified the registry via access, does this pose any problems using terminal services ?
DBDavegOwnerAuthor Commented:
CutePDF creator can do this, but you need to have the version that supports programmatic access.
I see from their website the programmable version costs $499 (US)

In order to offer my client the best value for money are there any lower cost options that you're familiar with and/or would recommend ?
DBDavegOwnerAuthor Commented:
hi LSM
I've just converted one of my database that uses leBans PDF creator to access2010
and you're correct that 2010 has a problem,

My PDF report is truncating half way down the page, it's supposed to be in portrait view but it appears as if it's defaulting to landscape, either way I just get half a page of my report.

Is there a workaround for this or will I have to find a replacement solution for any db I want to upgrade to 2010 ?
DBDavegOwnerAuthor Commented:

apologies, but to elaborate further on my last post.

I'm attempting to evaluate the leBans pdf creator to merge multiple PDFs in 2010

this is why I ask if there's a workaround to the snapshot viewer no longer included, instead of just using the native PDF creator shipped with access 2010.
DBDavegOwnerAuthor Commented:
I'm happy to accept Scott McDanial's comment

Expert Comment 2013-09-26 at 01:56:51ID: 39523938  
as the accepted solution
DBDavegOwnerAuthor Commented:
Hi I'm happy to accept Scott's solution

Expert Comment 2013-09-26 at 01:56:51ID: 39523938
as the accepted answer
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