Linksys TL-WA5210G access point to BT router,

We have a BT "superhub 3" router with an adsl connection, connected to this is a Linksys AP which works fine

i have also purchased a Linksys TL-WA5210G external access point, the configurations i have done so far is

under basic settings > quick setup -

SSIS - matches that of the router
Channel - as above
Mode - 54Mbps

Wireless menu - Access Point (with enable SSID broadcast ticked)

Security - matches that of the wifi security of router (WEP - doesnt need to be secure)

from my phone i can detect the AP an try to connect, this fails on obtaining an IP.

DHCP is disabled on the AP, but enabled on the router

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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, first off, TP-Link makes the WA-5210G, not Linksys.

To use its AP mode -> Access Point, you need to connect it to one of the LAN ports on the BT 'superhub' with an ethernet cable.

Choose a different channel than either the superhub or Linksys AP use.
I recommend using channels 1, 6 and 11.
This graphic shows how the 2.4GHz frequencies overlap (overlapping channels will cause interference).2.4GHz ISM Band Channel Overlap (click for larger)Note channel 14 is available only in Japan and is limited to 802.11b use.

Please set it up as recommended above and let us know the results.
Chris MillardCommented:
On the DHCP Server settings, if I am correct, you should have:-

DHCP Relay

If this is the case, choose the DHCP Relay option.
mudcow007Author Commented:

nope only options are

Disable/ enable

(im using firmware version 4.4.7)
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Chris MillardCommented:
In which case, might you be better off configuring it as an AP repeater?
mudcow007Author Commented:
i have tried as a Repeater & Universal repeater but so far no joy

thanks anyways.....
mudcow007Author Commented:
Ahh fantastic, sorry about the manufacturer mixed up, im also playing about with Linksys/ cisco switches at the moment...sorry

i will set it up as suggested an see how we get on

thanks (will keep you posted)
mudcow007Author Commented:
Thanks your solution sorted my problem out

i was trying to use the access point as a repeater which would not work

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