Changing Backup Procedures

I have a desktop using Windows 7. For years, I have successfully been using FBackup4, which recently updated to FBackup5. I cannot figure out how to choose incremental rather than mirror backups and my external backup drives have filled up.

Rather than continue to use FB5, if reasonable, I'd like to use the backup capabilities of Windows, since I have heard they are much improved. First of all, are they? Or, should I find an external backup package?

Since I have not used Windows backup system, I would like some advice on how to set it up, to do incremental backups only. This is my current configuration:

I have 2 internal drives: C, which is 1.5 TB and primarily used for programs and systems files; and F, which is 750 GB primarily used for data. C has approximately 200GB used space and 1.15 TB free space. F has 426 GB used space and 271 GB free space.

My primary external backup drive is "L" which is 1 TB. My second external backup drive is "I" which is 750 GB. My 3rd (and slowest/hardly used) drive is M, which is 1 TB. I also have 1 off-site backup drive which is 750 GB that duplicates some of my most critical files.

If Windows backup is a good idea, how do you recommend my setting it up to do automatic backups which are not zip files?

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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Native backups are not really trusty.. if your data is critical
I am inclined to object. Why would MS add something which does not work well and then have all their users complaining and protesting?
MS image backup is a good and really well tested solution. I would always try this first since it is the manufacturer's solution and therefore guaranteed  to work in conjunction with their product:

- It enables you to do bare metal recoveries as well as incremental backups (the link above states problems with incremental, I never had any on virtually hundreds of systems)
- Direct Microsoft support
- It can do backups to network storage
- The VHDs you get can be converted to virtual machine images and booted from.
- You do not need to rely on a third party (imported for backups, since you might have old data)
- Why pay for functionality you have build in?

- You will need to script stuff as there is no GUI
- AFAIK there is only one major bug in Windows Image backup: Recovering older backups in locales other then en-US. But this seems to be not the case any more.
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
I will recommend use third party backup solution which you was using earlier..

Native backups are not really trusty.. if your data is critical
photoman11Author Commented:
Do you have any recommendations of good free packages?
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Haresh NikumbhConnect With a Mentor Sr. Tech leadCommented:
If you are looking free one FBackup is one of the best and widely used.

or you can refer below link which have given to 5 Free backup solution with Prons and cons
photoman11Author Commented:

You say that a disadvantage is: You will need to script stuff as there is no GUI. Since I do not program, I'm not sure what this means or what's involved. Can you elaborate please? Thanks.
photoman11Author Commented:
I downloaded GFI Backup and began to go through the installation process, but couldn't get past 1 screen (see attached jpg). I have no idea what a password is for Dinny and everything I try results in an error.

If it didn't, I wouldn't know what they mean by "domain" either. Does anyone have a clue what I am being asked? Thanks.
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