Edge SMTP Logs show servers that use the relay?

I was asked to review the SMTP logs on Edge to determine what servers we have using the Relay?  Apparently I am supposed to be able to do this by viewing a SMTP log on Edge and it will give me IP's I can match to server names and create a little list for myself.  Anyone familiar with this?

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Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
First, check that the Logging is on.. In exchange 2010, that setting is under
Exchange Management Console - Server Config - Hub Transport - Receive Connectors.

Right click the Default Receive connector and select Properties.

General Tab - Ensure the "Protocol Logging Level" is set to Verbose.

Then browse to your Exchange install directory, and look for the log files.
Typical install would put them:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\Logs\ProtocolLog\SmtpReceive

Then inside the log file, it looks a bit messy.  One of the early lines in the file states the type of data logged.. My file says:

#Fields: date-time,connector-id,session-id,sequence-number,local-endpoint,remote-endpoint,event,data,context

And an example line is read by applying all the field titles and applying them to the data.. (data edited for obscurity) eg:

2013-09-20T18:49:09.485Z,EXCH01\Default EXCH01,08D0725F502339BB,3,172.16.xx.xxx:25,208.86.xxx.xx:36787,<,EHLO mx1.example.com,

Which I would read as:
Received 18:49 Zulu (GMT Time) on Sept 20, by the 'default connector' from IP address 208.86.xxx.xx claiming to be called "mx1.example.com.

Hope this helps.

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Twhite0909Author Commented:
OK great so I it my connector general tab shows Protocol Logging Level as NONE.  But when I browse tot eh log locations I have a log for each day for past 2 weeks. and they show similar text to what you provided above.  Does this mean it is turned on or should I still change NON to Verbose?

Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
Did you happen to look at the Connector tab for the receiving, and the logs for the sending, or vice versa?
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Twhite0909Author Commented:
Yes on my receive connector tab under Server config- Hub Transport - Receive Convectors -I show two connectors

Client Encyprt

I chose Servertoserver and saw the logs are set to NONE.

When I browse to the location on my drive for logs I have


But I do not have anything under the

Send Folder
Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
Ok, look at the "Client Encrypt" connector.  It's logging may be set to on...?
Twhite0909Author Commented:
Its not but the Receive logs do show the following indicating that it seems to be turned on lol:

2013-09-16T00:29:59.411Z,EXCASHUB1\Client Encrypt EXCASHUB1,

With this being as it is can I turn the other connector to ON and just see if it begins to log text?
Twhite0909Author Commented:
I found it.  LOL I thought the connector was on Cashub too but I went to Edge server and found the Receive connectors and enabled Logging from there TY for your help
Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
You're welcome.  Please mark one of my responses as answering your question!
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