Cant upgrade cisco wlan controller 2500 series software: % Error: Code file transfer failed - No reply from the TFTP server

% Error: Code file transfer failed - No reply from the TFTP server

Hi everyone,

I am having such a hard time trying to get the software on my Cisco WLC 2500 series console to update. I have been back and forth with Cisco for about a month now.  The problem Im having is having tftp sever (on the laptop im using) to communicate with the console.  First we thought it was because I was behind my company firewall and the UDP 69 port was being blocked.  So I took them home to try it, that didn't work because although i was not behind the firewall some, GPO settings that were pushed to it when the laptop joined the domain were applied and were blocking the UDP 69 port.  The next day i used a freshly load from scratch laptop.  Only thing I did was put the OS on, verify the drivers i needed were operational, turned firewall off, and loaded hyperterminal (this is windows 7).  I never added it to the domain, never did windows updates, i didn't even install antivirus software on it.  took it home again, and i had the same results.  The series of controller i have doesn't utilize a service port so i can't do that. I have followed the directions that cisco sent me and the ones that i found on the web.  The cisco guy said they have to be on two subnets, i tried that. online it said it didnt matter....i tried that. I have included two files where i tested the connection and the tftp routing. Also below you will find a video that i took showing all the steps trying to get this accomplished and how i figured out the GPO was applying STIG's preventing me from doing this.  I did not do another video showing me doing it with the blank OS laptop because I didn't the same steps and the results were the same.  PLEASE, PLEASE, just take a look at this video and see how i have everything plugged in and set up to see if i am doing that wrong.  Any help is greatly appreciated b/c it should not be this hard to do something so simple :-(
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Craig BeckCommented:
Ok, referencing the testing-laptop-and-console.txt file...

The IP you're trying to ping isn't a valid IP address.  The 2nd octet contains 277, which is not a valid value.

Referencing the tftp-log-routing.txt file...

The address isn't a valid TFTP server address - that is a loopback address.

The easiest way to do this is to put a laptop and the WLC into the router.  As per your video the laptop picks up address, so give the WLC (for example).  That will let you connect to it via the browser.

When you've established connectivity to the WLC, set your TFTP server up and you should be good to go.

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janaelgAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding. The only problem is the 137.227....IP network was provided to us by our network team. They created an Internet only WLAN for us and gave us the gateway/netmask/ip range and we can't change it :-(

We have been smooth sailing using that info but wanted to update our software b/c we are like 4 versions behind.  Do you think if I change the network info to something else (such as our LAN) then try it to get around the 137.227 problem? Then after it is updated, change it back to the settings they gave us?

Thanks again for responding.
janaelgAuthor Commented:
Lol. Sorry. I just saw that I typed 277 and 227. However, I promise that I have done that several times actually using the correct ip and it still didn't work. I guess I just had "fat fingers" at that moment I was typing :-)
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janaelgAuthor Commented:
Another side note: i hooked up to the router b/c the Cisco guy said I had to be on a network and an Ethernet port had to be plugged into the front of the console. But yesterday I spent a lot of time reading some Cisco documentation and it never said that I needed to do that. I just kept reading connect via serial port using the console port. So I did that on my kitchen counter trying to connect directly to it and as a result getting the 127 ip. Lol. I have tried everything  under the sun that I found online. ok, so im assuming from your comment my "direct connect" method wont work anyway and I must go back to my first method of using my router....correct?
janaelgAuthor Commented:
When I get home this evening I'm gonna try ur method of assigning the WLC the (or something else) and see if it works. Thanks so much for your comments. It's greatly appreciated. I'll keep you posted. Have a wonderful day :-)
janaelgAuthor Commented:
Ok, im back.  I did as suggested and I got further along!!!! however, I have a new error message now:

Connection received from on port 7703 [26/09 20:49:49.846]
Read request for file <./AIR-CT2500-K9-7-5-102-0.aes>. Mode octet [26/09 20:49:49.846]
Using local port 51432 [26/09 20:49:49.846]
File <.\AIR-CT2500-K9-7-5-102-0.aes> : error 10054 in system call recv An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. [26/09 20:49:49.908]

I have googled this error and can't really pinpoint what is wrong because the information I found doesn't have a similar theme, its like all the suggestions are very random?

anyway, i have posted another you tube video to show what i did. this time this video is only 2:30 mins long :-)
janaelgAuthor Commented:
His answer was dead on!!!! He helped me get over that particular error message that i had been stuck on for a while. Thanks again :-)
Craig BeckCommented:
No probs :-)
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