Duplication of Disks


I'm in the process of setting up a cluster using Windows Server 2012 and Clustered Storage Spaces. I'm running into a bit of trouble validating the cluster when using Failover Cluster Manager as there seems to be some disk duplication. The error message is...

"Two disks have been found on node (node) that cannot be distinguished from one another....."

Right enough, upon checking Disks under the File and Storage Services in Server Manager it lists double the amount of physical disks but only on one of the servers. On the other it sees the disks correctly. When viewing the disks in Disk Management it also displays the same characteristics, i.e. twice the amount of disks in one server and the correct amount in the other.

So, can anyone advise on how to remove these phantom disks in the other server?

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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
don't know what your back-end storage is but i saw this on my 2008 R2 server before installing MPIO

not sure what the equivalent is in 2012 but if you have multiple paths (say, dual port fc card as example) you will see the storage duplicated.  again, not knowing your configuration so it's just the first thing that came to mind

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1stopitAuthor Commented:
We have a Fujitsu CX420 out of the box dual cluster node that has a couple of internal drives for RAID 1 for OS on each server and a JBOD for the cluster. See here...


I have MPIO installed but it is the first time I've touched any of the clustering stuff so not sure if this is normal, regardless I still can't pass the failover disk check. Also, as I mentioned, it showing the correct amount of disk on one node but double on the other and both are configured exactly the same. I.e. Server 2012 Standard installed on the RAID created with the two internal disks.

1stopitAuthor Commented:
Thanks Seth, it was MPIO.

Although the documentation indicated no config was required I had a look in MPIO and it was missing the SAS Bus adapter on the server listing multiple disks.

I was able to add it in by going to Discover Multi-Paths and selecting Add support for SAS Devices and then a reboot was simply required.

Everything now seems to be happy.

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