UIAlertView Customization in iOS 5

Hi Experts,

I have an app which is developed using iOS 5. I have done customization for UIAlertView. I my app, the screen appears as below:

iOS 5 Screen
Now, If I run this app on iOS 7 device the screen appears as below:

Screen on iOS 7 Device
Now What I want to know is?

Why this is happening?

What is the solution for this?

- Deepak Lakkad
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Deepak LakkadAsked:
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Many things happened with my apps on iOS 7.
Probably this custom combo box "does not support iOS 7". :)

You can make your own view controller instead of the UIAlertView. That will be the fastest fix.
This view controller should cover the whole screen, put on it a view with 2 buttons, a label and put a standard picker instead of the combo box.
Deepak LakkadAuthor Commented:

Sorry for delay,

I know about using UIPickerView.

But my client wants the same UI mentioned here in the image.

So, I can't use Picker View.

Now I want to create new control which look and work like Alert View.

Can you please guide me to start it.

- Deepak Lakkad
If you already this combo box from the first screenshot, so just add a new view controller, make its background transparent (or semitransparent changing the alpha), add a view, two buttons and so on. Add a delegate (or use blocks) and you will know which button was pressed by user.
Here is a short tutorial:
Creating Custom UIAlertView For iPhone

You can find UIAlertView replacement on github. For example:

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Deepak LakkadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for such useful links
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