Selecting data from either of two tables if a key exists

Hi Everyone,

I have a question on how to select data when it exists in either of two tables.

Example:  I have table 'A' that contains the main key (serial number). Table B will have a corresponding record for that key. Table C may have an entry with the matching key.   I would like to using the key from table 'A', extract data from Table 'C' if a matching key exists, otherwise extract data from Table 'B'. NOTE: Table 'B' will always have a matching key/entry, Table 'C' contains only updates for certain keys.

Thanks in advance!
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you could do something like this:

with a as (
select 1 as priority, list-of-columns
from C
union all
select 2, list-of-columns
from B
b as (
select *
from A t1 join a t2 on t1.key = t2.key
order by priority
select * from b
fetch first 1 rows only
Dave FordSoftware Developer / Database AdministratorCommented:
Personally, I would use a LEFT OUTER JOIN and a COALESCE to accomplish that. It seems a lot cleaner and easier to me.

 select a.theMainKey,
       coalesce(c.someData, b.someOtherData)
  from TableA a
  left outer join TableB b
    on b.theMainKey = a.theMainKey
  left outer join TableC c
    on c.theMainKey = a.theMainKey

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Mark1MAuthor Commented:
Hi momi_sabag,

Thank you for your response and solution.
Mark1MAuthor Commented:
Hi Dave,

Thank you for your response and solution.

Works great!
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