Limit local user account to log on via RDP only, limit to access an app and logoff on exit.

I will like to know how to limit a local account on windows 2003 to:
log on only via RDP
access just an App/software
logoff if exit/close the app
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ZabagaRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See my screenshot.

Under gpedit.msc on the local machine, set the user's account in the policy named "deny log on locally" (screenshot shows). make sure they're in the allow over RDP group of course.

For running only 1 app under RDP, go to the local user's properties and configure that app to launch under the environment tab (see screenshot).

When they exit the app, their RDP session will logoff.
solohayunoAuthor Commented:
Both were usetfull, but ZabagaR  was first and responded what explicit asked, so m ust give most of the credit to his answer.

Thanks anyway virastar, your comments are  valuable anyway, and I'm sure will be usefull for future readers of this post.
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